Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 8

Place of birth: 8

Place of death: 0

Place of marriage: 0

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Jennifer Netherwood 14/08/1969 Barnsley 18/12/2016 Rotherham South Yorkshire
Sylvia Moore 17/09/1936 Barnsley 01/02/2017 Barnsley South Yorkshire
William Robert Deaves 19/08/1949 Barnsley 06/09/2016 Barnsley South Yorkshire
Eric Walton 19/04/1947 Barnsley 31/03/2016 Barnsley South Yorkshire
Jack Hobson 07/04/1936 Barnsley 21/05/2014 Barnsley South Yorkshire
Molly Hiles 03/07/1928 Barnsley 18/03/2000 Barnsley South Yorkshire Unknown
Thomas Bowker 10/10/1922 Barnsley 19/03/1998 Whitechapel London E1
James Arthur Bamford 04/02/1931 Barnsley 01/02/2001 Bracknell Berkshire

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