Basildon Essex

Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 42

Place of birth: 3

Place of death: 39

Place of marriage: 0

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Edward Joseph Verschoyle 01/07/1934 Republic of Ireland 05/10/2017 Basildon Essex
Charles William Spall 31/12/1935 Bethnal Green Tower Hamlets 23/11/2015 Basildon Essex
Iris Edna Wing 26/03/1930 England 16/02/2017 Basildon Essex
Karen Rose Bishop 15/01/1958 Basildon Essex 14/10/2015 Grays Essex
Renate Copsey 15/04/1929 27/11/2016 Basildon Essex
Joan Fellows 24/04/1935 02/01/2017 Basildon Essex
Colin John Edwards 20/06/1946 Chelmsford Essex 22/08/2016 Basildon Essex
Alexander George Taylor 03/06/1935 Basildon Essex 11/08/2016 Southampton Hampshire
Stephen Herbert 19/05/1965 Pontypridd County of Glamorgan 28/06/2016 Basildon Essex
Lilian Dean 28/08/1926 England 11/04/2016 Basildon Essex
Ronald William Morton 15/07/1951 Stepney Tower Hamlets 06/08/2014 Basildon Essex
Peter Barrie Gardner 31/01/1932 Croydon 15/11/2015 Basildon Essex
Gladys Calver 31/01/1917 England 29/01/2014 Basildon Essex
Iris Warden 20/11/1932 London 27/11/1994 Basildon Essex
Annie Louisa Westfall 28/12/1898 Hackney Lodnon 03/01/1993 Basildon Essex Hackney London
Amelia Williams 14/09/1895 Rotherhithe Southwark 13/02/1992 Basildon Essex
Jeanne Thompson 31/08/1944 Uxbridge Middlesex 22/09/2014 Basildon Essex Lewisham
Patrick McGrenaghan 09/12/1915 Ireland 19/01/1992 Basildon Essex
Zenon Hrynkiewicz 06/07/1922 Poland 11/10/1991 Basildon Essex Fulham London
Brian Davenport 20/06/1948 05/01/2005 Basildon Essex
Ellen Kranitzky 24/11/1903 Finsbury London 03/05/1992 Basildon Essex
June Taylor 08/06/1931 United Kingdom 14/01/2015 Basildon Essex
Leslie Frederick Bull 08/08/1922 29/10/2012 Basildon Essex
Irene Winifred Smith 03/03/1922 Birmingham 20/01/1995 Basildon Essex
Eva Maud Harriet Lepley 17/07/1917 England 23/06/1990 Basildon Essex
John Robert Bedford 29/01/1944 England 23/09/2014 Basildon Essex Havering Essex
Kevin George Chipp 24/01/1955 Basildon Essex 29/09/1994 Tunbridge Wells Kent Unknown
Anne Leader 06/08/1956 Tunbridge Wells Kent 22/11/2011 Basildon Essex
Phyllis Thorpe 21/03/1915 Essex 01/04/2007 Basildon Essex
Josephine Rebecca Picksley 14/12/1928 Chadwell St Mary Essex 16/12/2001 Basildon Essex Unknown
Phyllis Noble 16/06/1927 Lancashire 12/09/2012 Basildon Essex
Edith May Carter Howard 10/05/1911 Southend-on-Sea 11/01/2003 Basildon Essex
Margaret Hinds 12/01/1919 Essex 11/05/2004 Basildon Essex
Margaret Audrey Harmer 30/08/1938 Rochford Essex 13/12/2001 Basildon Essex Unknown
Enrique Ferrer Soles Spain 25/02/1998 Basildon Essex
Gwendoline Engwell 08/12/2007 Basildon Essex
Anna Doyle 08/07/1912 Germany 27/06/2010 Basildon Essex
Elsie Dollery 07/01/1931 London 04/09/2013 Basildon Essex Unknown
Mervyn John Davies 11/04/1931 Wales 28/10/2005 Basildon Essex
Arthur Booth 31/05/1923 Bradford Yorkshire 17/04/1994 Basildon Essex
Herbert Leroy Barrett 29/01/1947 Jamaica 01/12/2006 Basildon Essex
Joseph Atkinson 08/03/1930 Pelaw Tyne & Wear 01/10/2001 Basildon Essex

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