Bath Somerset

Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 51

Place of birth: 3

Place of death: 49

Place of marriage: 0

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Lajos Janos Kovacs 28/04/1937 Hungary 06/04/2017 Bath Somerset
Elizabeth Clare Burbidge-Smith 29/05/1962 07/05/2017 Bath Somerset
Fred Field 03/09/1936 Grantham Lincolnshire 28/02/2017 Bath Somerset
Michael George Hobbs 20/06/1944 Wiltshire 20/05/2011 Bath Somerset
Michael Arthur Phelps 26/06/1949 London 05/05/2017 Bath Somerset
Gloria Evans 18/06/1943 Chippenham 07/04/2014 Bath Somerset
Mary Morgan 13/02/1947 Westbury-on-Trym Bristol 19/02/2015 Bath Somerset
Brian Arthur Stanley Allen 03/02/1926 Bath 13/04/2005 Bath Somerset
John Hewett 15/04/1948 Bath 08/04/2013 Bath Somerset
Leslie Gould 14/08/1951 Radstock Bath and North East Somerset 25/06/2016 Bath Somerset
Krzysztof Franciszek Fabiszewski 06/06/1958 Warszawa Poland 14/06/2016 Bath Somerset
Barbara Elizabeth Gawlick 23/02/1939 Aberystwyth 19/03/2016 Bath Somerset
Alan John Rothery 23/05/1959 Bath Somerset 28/02/2015 Leytonstone Essex
Kevin David Trevor Bond 14/08/1965 Bath 12/03/2016 Bath Somerset
Anthony Thomas James Ryan 12/03/2016 Bath Somerset
Thomas Joseph Flaherty 17/12/1940 Inishere County Galway Rep. of Ireland 12/04/2014 Bath Somerset
Donald Alexander James Dick 27/09/1934 Scotland 21/04/2013 Bath Somerset
Maldwyn James Williams 30/10/1928 Neath Port Talbot 09/06/2015 Bath Somerset
Garry Devereux 26/07/1959 England 09/03/2015 Bath Somerset
Victor Longbottom 30/08/1923 England 07/09/1992 Bath Somerset
Beatrice Edna Munday 01/02/1926 England 10/01/1994 Bath Somerset
Winifred Mary Hutchings 15/08/1898 England 07/04/1995 Bath Somerset
Margaret Hicks London 20/07/1993 Bath Somerset
John Barker 09/11/1946 04/01/2015 Bath Somerset
John Edmund Mahailide Chetwynd 23/05/1927 Hove East Sussex 24/08/2007 Bath Somerset
Sean Duane O'Shaghnessy Republic of Ireland 25/01/1989 Bath Somerset
Bruce Owen Gordon 04/11/1919 England 22/08/1988 Bath Somerset
Doris Lydia Lane 03/10/1896 Bath Avon 14/09/1989 Bath Somerset
Francis David Pearce 25/01/1937 Cheltenham Gloucestershire 30/08/2014 Bath Somerset
Fedor Vlasenko 12/06/1915 USSR 06/02/1985 Bath Somerset
Mary Josephine Irmiger 10/04/1906 England 30/12/1987 Bath Somerset Croydon
Joyce Pearl Woodland 14/08/1921 Bath 02/02/2003 Bath Somerset
Ivar Vejs 01/07/1953 Chippenham Wiltshire 18/02/2014 Bath Somerset
Jean Mary Stirrups 02/07/1953 Bath 25/04/2002 Bath Somerset
Philip John Say 14/02/1941 Bath Somerset 04/08/2011 Bath Somerset Unknown
Mario Leonardo Rosciglione 07/09/1939 Rome Italy 06/06/2013 Bath Somerset Unknown
Boris Nazaryn 25/02/1927 Poland 23/03/2003 Bath Somerset
Hugh Edgar Millen 26/11/1925 Headington Oxfordshire 04/05/2007 Bath Somerset
Michael McGlynn 18/03/1939 Motherwell 19/05/2004 Bath Somerset Unknown
Joyce Winifred Manley 02/04/1929 Chester 06/10/2005 Bath Somerset
Ivy Lane 13/03/2005 Bath Somerset
Bertold Kolm 18/07/1913 23/07/1992 Bath Somerset
Edith Janeway Unknown 14/01/2000 Bath Somerset Unknown
Susan Rachel Holloway Bath Somerset 23/08/2005 Brighton East Sussex Unknown
Leotta Gibbons 03/08/1918 Barbados 04/06/2007 Bath Somerset
Frederick William Evans 23/09/1998 Bath Somerset
Terrence Coode 10/02/1944 England 17/11/2002 Bath Somerset
Josephine Kate Coleman 02/11/1993 Bath Somerset
Wilfred James Best 08/07/1913 South Petherton Somerset 01/07/1990 Bath Somerset
Florent Baron 18/09/1916 Somerset 13/09/2002 Bath Somerset


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