Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 21

Place of birth: 17

Place of death: 3

Place of marriage: 1

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
David Brian Spracklen 15/03/1945 Bournemouth 07/08/2016 Bournemouth Dorset
William James Radford 30/11/1932 Bournemouth 10/01/2017 Kingston Upon Thames Surrey
Anthony Partridge 19/02/1931 Bournemouth 22/07/2016 Emsworth Hampshire
Dennis Bailey 21/12/1938 Bournemouth 21/11/2015 Poole Dorset
Anthony Brown 23/09/1941 Bournemouth 08/01/2016 Bournemouth Dorset
Ian Geoffrey William Hutchings 17/10/1948 Bournemouth 16/12/2015 Bournemouth Dorset
Dennis Andrews 22/03/1939 Bournemouth 01/10/2015 Bournemouth Dorset
Barbara Moody 07/07/1923 Bournemouth 11/07/2015 Bournemouth Dorset
Michael John Snow 15/05/1940 Bournemouth 22/01/2007 Poole Dorset
Peter Palumbo 01/05/1907 St Pancras Camden 29/12/1990 Bournemouth Dorset Bournemouth
Frederick Hadden 04/06/1924 Sunderland 05/08/2014 Bournemouth
Thelma Olive Bussell 08/02/1938 Bournemouth 21/05/2014 Weymouth Dorset Unknown
Peggy Hale 08/08/1911 Bournemouth 03/12/1996 Birmingham West Midlands
Evelyn Gwendoline Bessie Warsop 31/07/2010 Bournemouth 25/03/2007 Bournemouth Dorset Unknown
Terence Thomas Tracey 02/01/1945 Bournemouth 16/09/2007 Bournemouth Dorset
Ernest Payne 24/06/1935 Bournemouth 30/10/2002 Winchester Hants
Gordon John Neeves 30/08/1931 Bournemouth 27/10/1998 Bournemouth Dorset
Patricia Ann Jeff 14/10/1946 18/11/2012 Bournemouth
Ronald Leroy French 13/11/1935 Camberwell Southwark 01/06/2002 Bournemouth
Anthony Browne 13/07/1945 Bournemouth 18/10/2013 Bournemouth Dorset
Kenneth Roderick Brookes 20/03/1922 Bournemouth 29/01/1999 Bournemouth Dorset

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