Chatham Kent

Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 30

Place of birth: 10

Place of death: 20

Place of marriage: 5

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Linda Joy Wylde 28/08/1948 Chatham Kent 27/08/2017 Denmark Hill London SE5
Valerie Ann Cheeseman 12/05/1946 28/06/2010 Chatham Kent
Elsie May Halliday 05/05/1914 Chatham Kent 26/07/2016 Purley Surrey
Janet Rose Barkaway 31/12/1937 Chatham Kent 24/07/2014 Plaistow London E13
John Frank Boyce 11/09/1928 Chatham Kent 09/01/2006 Redhill Surrey
Pamela Collins 30/05/1926 Chatham Kent 02/03/1996 Gillingham Kent
Frederick Lee Low 18/05/1925 Scotland 23/02/1993 Chatham Kent
Charles Edward Smither 06/10/1920 London 09/07/1994 Chatham Kent
Sidney Taylor 10/05/1909 England 23/06/1992 Chatham Kent
Doris Sculley 16/06/1898 Abbey Wood Greenwich 15/07/1993 Chatham Kent
Robert Charles Simmons 22/05/1925 Chertsey Surrey 28/12/2013 Chatham Kent
Mary Elizabeth Foreman 20/10/1929 Chatham Kent 15/03/1994 Chatham Kent
William Arthur Groombridge 31/08/1920 Medway 02/11/2014 Chatham Kent
Vladamir Schwed 28/12/1933 Ukraine 03/01/1991 Chatham Kent
Daisy Mona Smith 17/06/1914 Exeter 28/01/1989 Chatham Kent Chatham Kent
Cissy otherwise Cisely May Holland 16/09/1901 Strood Kent 17/07/1988 Chatham Kent
Daisy Morris 14/11/1895 Chatham Kent 17/01/1988 Chatham Kent Chatham Kent
Barbara Long 21/11/1914 United Kingdom 21/08/1988 Chatham Kent
Arthur Patrick Porter 26/06/1912 England 05/02/1988 Chatham Kent
Marjorie Cosgrove 05/04/1906 Medway Kent 13/08/1987 Chatham Kent
Frederick Charles Medhurst 26/04/1921 Strood Kent 09/04/1987 Chatham Kent Chatham Kent
Elizabeth Hellings 26/08/1927 England 18/11/1985 Swale Kent Chatham Kent
Frederick Friday 22/10/1905 Chatham Kent 15/06/1986 Paddington London W2
Patricia Ann Beckford 08/03/1949 Beckenham Kent 17/08/2001 Chatham Kent
Frederick Harry Eland 09/12/1915 Brixton 22/10/1984 Tunbridge Wells Kent Chatham Kent
Frederick Smith 30/11/1907 22/03/1999 Chatham Kent
Peter Morgan 04/10/1962 Chatham Kent 02/02/2004 Gillingham Kent
Irene Mary Harper Unknown 19/08/1996 Chatham Kent Unknown
Sidney Fuller 11/12/1927 Chatham Kent 19/11/1996 Whitstable Kent
Herbert Henry Busby 16/05/1916 09/01/1997 Chatham Kent

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