Colney Norfolk

Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 8

Place of birth: 0

Place of death: 8

Place of marriage: 0

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Isabel Jill Carrette 09/04/1937 Mortlake Richmond Upon Thames 28/12/2017 Colney Norfolk
Robert Thomas Watkinson 30/09/1952 Peterborough 06/03/2017 Colney Norfolk
Ghulamabbas Tejani 07/02/1946 Pakistan 06/11/2016 Colney Norfolk
Barrie Small 11/12/1948 London 07/04/2017 Colney Norfolk
James Wilson 30/01/1927 Poringland Norfolk 07/01/2016 Colney Norfolk
Annette Cledwyn Chapman 25/10/1950 Norfolk 05/04/2015 Colney Norfolk
Leonard Edward Baker 21/06/1935 Westminster 03/07/2015 Colney Norfolk
Dennis Frank Leonard 19/06/1922 Southampton Hampshire 03/06/2005 Colney Norfolk

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