Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 43

Place of birth: 32

Place of death: 5

Place of marriage: 9

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Gordon Ivan Greatorex 09/07/1933 Coventry 21/09/2017 Coventry West Midlands
James Miles 05/05/1932 Coventry 30/03/2017 Luton Bedfordshire
Philip Woodhouse 26/11/1943 Coventry 18/07/2017 Coventry West Midlands
Hazel Hancock 25/06/1952 Coventry 25/01/2017 Coventry West Midlands
Pauline Theresa Agnes Walker 15/11/1937 Coventry 23/07/2016 Coventry West Midlands
Lesley Ann Feeney 16/10/1955 Coventry 22/10/2001 Coventry West Midlands
Keith Arthur Jane 10/10/1944 Coventry 15/02/2015 Coventry Warwickshire
Norman Galvin 03/01/1914 Coventry 19/09/1990 Coventry West Midlands
Richard Norman Antiss 22/01/1930 Coventry 07/07/2015 Coventry West Midlands
Olive May Westley 22/06/1908 Rugby Warwick 15/02/1992 Coventry West Midlands Coventry
William John Taylor 28/04/1993 Coventry Coventry
Ronald Acourt Powell 01/07/1922 Coventry 23/03/1994 Coventry West Midlands
David Franke Crooke 27/03/1930 Coventry 13/04/2015 Coventry West Midlands
Geoffrey Edward Jones 01/11/1928 Coventry 25/08/1991 Coventry Warwickshire
Peter Kaczmarek 18/06/1915 Poland 23/02/1993 Coventry
William Harrison 17/07/1923 Coventry 25/12/1991 Morpeth Northumberland
Clarence Lenton 09/09/1943 Coventry 16/02/2015 Coventry West Midlands
Phyllis Sidwell 19/01/1904 Coventry 12/09/1991 Coventry West Midlands Coventry
Lilian Mills 29/04/1902 Coventry 10/05/1991 Coventry West Midlands
Walter Ernest Squires 10/04/1910 Coventry 18/11/1990 Coventry West Midlands
Edith Ullah 23/12/1913 England 08/11/1989 Coventry West Midlands Coventry
Daisy Victoria Robinson 13/06/1906 Coventry West Midlands 05/12/1987 Coventry West Midlands Coventry
Lisbet Constance Douglas Malone 14/11/1913 Scotland 08/09/1988 Coventry West Midlands Coventry
Jessie Buckley 03/02/1917 Leeds Yorkshire 17/11/1987 Wolverhampton Midlands Coventry
June Edith Bernadette Sims 26/02/1940 Birmingham 03/03/2011 Coventry
Lilian Sims 17/04/1915 London 26/10/1986 Coventry
Emily Ronneback 24/09/1891 Coventry 15/02/1986 Blandford Forum Dorset Coventry
Joan Rose-Marie Gregory 11/11/1933 Coventry 04/01/2014 Haringey London N22
Norma Cecily Bennet 30/10/1927 Coventry 27/04/2014 Coventry Warwickshire Unknown
Derek Ward 26/01/1936 Coventry 22/01/2002 Northampton Northamptonshire
Milovan Popovic 12/10/1939 Yugoslavia 02/01/2011 Leamington Spa Warwickshire Coventry
Thomas O'Rourke 18/01/1931 Irish Republic 23/11/2011 Coventry
Roy Edward Neal Coventry 14/09/1996 Walsgrave Coventry
Robert McDonald 19/11/1926 Coventry 05/04/1999 Peterborough Cambridgeshire
Florence Maddison 20/12/1900 Coventry 04/09/1994 Coventry Warwickshire
Alan Hugh Kirby 22/01/1930 Coventry 26/02/2008 Coventry West Midlands
Denis Horton 22/02/1936 Coventry 29/03/2004 Coventry West Midlands
Frederick John Hill 30/05/1930 Coventry 22/03/2007 Worcester Worcestershire
Dennis Dickens 26/03/1933 Coventry 09/10/2007 Coventry West Midlands
Gillian Ann Dale 12/03/1938 Coventry 03/02/2001 Solihull West Midlands
Roger Ashleigh Cooper 04/06/1951 Coventry 02/03/2013 Plymouth Devon
Anne Birch 17/02/1926 Coventry 15/09/2010 Peckham London SE15
James Atkins 19/04/1915 Coventry 05/10/1999

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