Dagenham Essex

Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 22

Place of birth: 5

Place of death: 17

Place of marriage: 0

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Peter Colin Lewis 12/06/1947 Dagenham Essex 02/02/2017 Camberwell London SE5
Robert Hince 13/03/1952 United Kingdom 26/05/2017 Dagenham Essex
John Martin Green 15/03/1944 Hammersmith London 10/08/2017 Dagenham Essex
Jacqueline Connelly 03/02/1957 Glasgow Scotland 11/02/2015 Dagenham Essex
Daniel Johnson 30/08/1926 Liverpool 01/01/2017 Dagenham Essex
Paul John Burrell 24/12/1955 Hackney 02/12/2016 Dagenham Essex
Roy Trew 23/06/1935 England 21/08/2016 Dagenham Essex
Raymond Ehmer 30/05/1936 England 04/02/2016 Dagenham Essex
Ronald Derrick Sowle 04/06/1931 Dagenham Essex 23/04/2015 Bristol
David Godfrey 14/04/1947 England 21/05/2012 Dagenham Essex
Dorothy Freda Holmans 28/12/1912 Dagenham Essex 17/04/1988 Lewisham London SE13
Nellie Winifred Thompson 17/04/1903 Dagenham Essex 20/08/1987 Ware Hertfordshire Poplar London
Arthur John Barnard 07/07/1905 Dagenham Essex 20/06/1985 Waltham Forest London E11
Margaret Turner 05/09/1923 18/12/2006 Dagenham Essex
William Tomlin 05/06/1911 27/07/1999 Dagenham Essex
Ralph Ian Boisey Shaw 17/04/1922 Stoke Newington Hackney 06/02/2006 Dagenham Essex Unknown
Anthony Roberts 25/06/1940 Wales 19/02/2000 Dagenham Essex
Georgina Pyne 08/05/1905 09/03/2004 Dagenham Essex
Marcella Rosa Dina Parker 21/02/1924 Italy 16/06/2012 Dagenham Essex
William Paul O'Connor 20/02/1926 01/07/2009 Dagenham Essex
May Elley 29/12/1906 09/05/1998 Dagenham Essex
Albert Cook 09/07/1934 11/02/1996 Dagenham Essex

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