Frome Somerset

Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 8

Place of birth: 1

Place of death: 7

Place of marriage: 0

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Anthony John Fortune 20/09/1932 Merton 21/03/2016 Frome Somerset
Raymond Lawrence 25/04/1941 Frome Somerset 01/11/2016 Norton Fitzwarren Somerset
Paula Harvey 01/04/1943 Wells 22/07/2014 Frome Somerset
Maida Symons 03/04/1991 Frome Somerset
Martin John Radford 14/08/1943 01/10/1999 Frome Somerset
Sandra Mary Paget 07/03/1939 Huddersfield 19/05/2004 Frome Somerset
Royston Morris 27/06/1927 Salisbury Wiltshire 16/06/2004 Frome Somerset
Edward Lionel Jones Johnson 06/06/1999 Frome Somerset

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