Gravesend Kent

Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 39

Place of birth: 9

Place of death: 30

Place of marriage: 0

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Edward James Taylor 22/06/1942 05/05/2017 Gravesend Kent
Raymond Victor Nevard 14/01/1941 Gravesend Kent 15/01/2017 Sydenham London SE26
Harry James Judson 18/12/1935 Gravesend Kent 26/05/2017 Dartford Kent
Edith Lilian Knight 28/05/1918 Gravesend Kent 23/09/2016 Deal Kent
David John Hughes 11/12/1941 Wellington Telford and Wrekin 21/05/2016 Gravesend Kent
Alfred Laming 25/11/1919 29/09/2016 Gravesend Kent
Peter Frederick Heath 23/05/1920 Gravesend Kent 16/03/2015 Redhill Surrey
Eileen May Hinks 04/03/1933 Gravesend Kent 05/04/2009 Dartford Kent
Florence Louisa Vandepeer 22/07/1915 Northfleet Kent 09/06/1993 Gravesend Kent Dartford Kent
Maud Moore England 25/04/1992 Gravesend Kent
Philip Henry Eveleigh 24/10/1911 West Tottenham London 07/03/1993 Gravesend Kent
James Henry Gurry 24/11/1901 East Ham London 14/02/1991 Gravesend Kent
Dorothy Emma Cook 21/08/1908 Woburn Bedford 05/03/1991 Gravesend Kent
Cyril James Gotts 01/01/1918 Lewisham 03/04/1991 Gravesend Kent
Ethel Alice Maxwell London 12/11/1990 Gravesend Kent
Walter Albert Taylor 18/06/1921 Erith Bexley 10/03/1991 Gravesend Kent
Edwin Francis Clark 13/03/1907 Southwark 06/02/1990 Gravesend Kent
Irene May Howes 14/08/1906 United Kingdom 13/03/1990 Gravesend Kent Dartford
William Clement Goodwin 12/09/1908 West Derby Liverpool 04/11/1989 Gravesend Kent
Victor Edward Betts 19/05/1918 United Kingdom 20/02/1989 Gravesend Kent
Rose Sutherland 01/02/1890 Gravesend Kent 28/12/1985 Northfleet Kent
Esther Rickell 03/09/1891 United Kingdom 01/05/1985 Gravesend Kent
Bernard Perszona 15/05/1914 Poland 09/06/1987 Gravesend Kent
Dangerfield Lee 31/05/1929 Bexley 06/09/1985 Gravesend Kent Greenwich London
Alice Charlotte Horsley 20/01/1897 Stepney London 31/03/1986 Gravesend Kent
Patrick Kevin Cahill 03/11/1914 Wexford Ireland 30/04/1986 Gravesend Kent
Ivy Brown 06/12/1902 London 12/10/1986 Gravesend Kent
William George Adams 21/03/1915 West Bromwich Birmingham 26/05/1986 Gravesend Kent
Horace Benjamin Frost 23/07/1901 London 04/03/1986 Gravesend Kent
Violet Payne 28/03/1909 Ireland 17/10/2008 Gravesend Kent
Ellen Taylor Brown 12/04/1897 Gravesend Kent 09/06/1997 Grays Essex
Kenneth Robert White 19/02/1944 London 18/12/2011 Gravesend Kent
Roy Francis Turner 20/10/1995 Gravesend Kent
George Frederick Smith 04/09/1907 Willesden 18/11/1989 Gravesend Kent
Mary Elizabeth Victoria Rose 16/04/1926 02/03/2008 Gravesend Kent
Lawrence Horace Mann 12/12/1912 Dartford Kent 14/11/1989 Gravesend Kent
Richard Eric Jones 25/04/1917 Gravesend Kent 26/01/2005 Bexhill on Sea East Sussex
Dorothy Florence Barton Hillier 24/04/1914 Gravesend Kent 30/08/2004 Sidcup Kent
Edward M Davis 03/03/1932 01/03/2011 Gravesend Kent

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