Harlow Essex

Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 35

Place of birth: 0

Place of death: 35

Place of marriage: 0

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Katharine Clare Darvill 14/08/1955 04/09/2017 Harlow Essex
Frances Martha Carson 08/12/1931 Dundee Scotland 01/06/2017 Harlow Essex
Joan Laird 30/11/1919 Holborn 21/01/2006 Harlow Essex
Robert Anthony Berry 30/06/1942 Ware Hertfordshire 25/04/2013 Harlow Essex
John William Fewing 03/08/1956 26/10/2016 Harlow Essex
Irene Evelyn Doris Hiden 15/05/1924 Romford Havering 15/09/2015 Harlow Essex
Stanley William Durrant 30/12/1928 England 04/08/2015 Harlow Essex
May Gaskell 09/05/1935 England 13/05/2015 Harlow Essex
Doris Keziah Crook 25/11/1917 England 11/02/1993 Harlow Essex Islington
Robert Haymer 07/03/1938 Dorset 02/02/2015 Harlow Essex
Kenneth James Hall 09/03/1927 Bristol 25/10/2014 Harlow Essex
Jean Doris Townsend 17/10/1932 Laindon Essex 23/11/2014 Harlow Essex
Ellen Gosling 05/11/1922 Tilbury 15/12/1989 Harlow Essex
Douglas Revill 09/06/1929 Essex 25/02/1987 Harlow Essex
Sidney James Hawes 19/10/1906 13/05/1988 Harlow Essex
Mabel Winch 27/06/1890 19/01/1988 Harlow Essex
Ellen Murdock 10/01/1909 Spitalfields London 15/10/1987 Harlow Essex
Christine Davies 13/04/1924 Unknown 10/05/2014 Harlow Essex Unknown
Zezette Grace Marie Louis 07/11/1932 Seychelles 05/03/2014 Harlow Essex
Coralie Eliska Windscheffel 10/06/1917 Tower Hamlets 28/10/1996 Harlow Essex Unknown
Walter George Whiteman 03/10/1920 London 02/01/2001 Harlow Essex Unknown
Darrell Street 19/03/1948 Chigwell Essex 03/12/2013 Harlow Essex
Albert Roger O'Sullivan 02/01/1958 Charing Cross London 19/01/2008 Harlow Essex
Margaret Amelia Maseling 16/04/1923 27/06/1996 Harlow Essex
Lucia Lisci 16/10/1938 Italy 13/11/1999 Harlow Essex
Owen Knight 28/01/1923 Stapleford Nottinghamshire 23/01/2010 Harlow Essex
Joan Harris 23/12/1924 Kent 06/05/2007 Harlow Essex
Irene Eileen May Everitt 16/06/1919 Braughing Hertfordshire 24/09/1999 Harlow Essex
Olive Dunbar 16/02/1926 Ireland 26/03/2005 Harlow Essex
Kathleen Stone 01/03/1928 London 09/04/2014 Harlow Essex Unknown
Julia Dalton 23/03/1914 Cork Ireland 17/07/2003 Harlow Essex Unknown
Anthony Michael George Daly 22/04/1959 Chelsea London 28/11/2011 Harlow Essex
David Bate Taylor Clark 13/04/1941 Scotland 01/02/1993 Harlow Essex
Douglas Peter Brown 20/03/1926 Colchester Essex 05/10/2010 Harlow Essex
James Brindley 27/02/1996 Harlow Essex

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