Ilford Essex

Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 48

Place of birth: 6

Place of death: 39

Place of marriage: 4

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Margaret Joyce Osborne 17/06/1934 Richmond North Yorkshire 27/07/2017 Ilford Essex
Kenneth Watts Jones 27/12/1921 Wales 02/04/2007 Ilford Essex
Adele Somers 18/07/1939 London 11/04/2017 Ilford Essex
Bimalandu Biswas 15/04/1938 India 17/05/2017 Ilford Essex
Alfred Daniel Welling 01/12/1934 Orsett Essex 27/01/2017 Ilford Essex
Robert Stanley Prynn 21/05/1939 Wandsworth 11/12/2016 Ilford Essex
Doris Rosalie Cuddington 21/06/1930 England 29/12/2016 Ilford Essex
Peter Croft 04/07/1932 England 18/10/2016 Ilford Essex
Reza Shams-Nia 24/09/1936 22/03/2016 Ilford Essex
Vladimir Pyankov 19/08/1949 Russia 06/03/2011 Ilford Essex
Harry Alan Chandler 04/11/1950 Liverpool 12/12/1999 Ilford Essex
William Macaulay 19/02/1902 Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria 05/01/1989 Havering London RM7 Ilford Essex
Eric James Gibbs 13/04/1922 Ilford Essex 06/02/1990 Witham Essex
Eleanor Brooks 21/06/1913 England 31/10/1988 Redbridge London RM6 Ilford Essex
Jill Helen Lesley Beauchamp 15/07/1950 Westminster London 23/09/2014 Ilford Essex
David Robert Charles Smith 27/06/1937 Ilford Essex 27/11/2001 Leigh-on-Sea Essex
Albert Brand 22/02/1910 Newham London 05/09/1986 Ilford Essex
Douglas Watkins 05/06/1917 19/08/1987 Ilford Essex
Margaret Dorothy Potter 16/04/1919 Ilford Essex 06/01/1986 Braintree Essex
Annie Rose Nunn 16/05/1898 Bexhill Sussex 13/09/1986 Biggleswade Bedfordshire Ilford Essex
Walter John Jones 08/11/1893 England 22/06/1986 Havering London RM12 Ilford Essex
Phyliss May Lomas 02/08/1940 19/06/2014 Ilford Essex
Mary Patricia Murphy 28/02/1931 20/05/2014 Ilford Essex
Jessie Gooding 15/09/1919 Southend on Sea 16/08/1998 Ilford Essex
Mary Anne Young 12/08/1915 Ilford Essex 26/10/2008 Peterborough Cambridgeshire
Doris Wiley 04/02/1919 Unknown 21/04/2007 Ilford Essex Unknown
Ronald Horace Walker 12/08/1933 Forest Gate West Ham 29/10/2006 Ilford Essex
Jessie Ann Swinton 19/03/2005 Ilford Essex
Khairy Sukhon 31/12/1919 North Africa 25/10/1999 Ilford Essex
Alice Stern 28/06/1910 05/09/2005 Ilford Essex
Zofia Sobolewska 10/04/1912 Lodz Poland 11/04/1988 Ilford Essex
Dora Mary Skells Unknown 05/07/1994 Ilford Essex Unknown
Margaret Rebecca Shorten 05/11/1915 Hungary 04/09/2008 Ilford Essex
Margaret Edith Shrubb 14/04/1916 Ilford Essex 10/07/2009 Ilford Essex
Edith Reay 23/12/1919 Darlington 23/05/2010 Ilford Essex
Valerie Patricia Phillips 26/05/2001 Ilford Essex
Helen Mueller 13/02/2008 Ilford Essex
Hugh Hector Fraser 29/08/1918 Scotland 13/03/1998 Ilford Essex Unknown
Roy Edward Fox 31/10/1952 Ilford 30/01/2012 Ilford Essex
Dennis Edward Field 01/11/1925 Manor Park London E 06/05/1996 Ilford Essex
Eileen Edwards 04/01/1937 Newbury Park Redbridge 01/02/2008 Ilford Essex
Marianne Amelia Eden 15/04/1920 Germany 29/12/2003 Ilford Essex
Ruth Crawford 31/08/1915 Ilford Essex 31/05/2002 Romford Essex
Nina Cooper 27/12/1944 Northampton 22/08/2013 Ilford Essex Unknown
John Collins 09/10/1908 Forest Gate 14/12/1996 Ilford Essex
Hilda Cartwright 09/09/1903 Woodstock Oxfordshire 15/09/2003 Ilford Essex
Peter Bradd 29/03/1960 Thurrock Essex 26/02/2009 Ilford Essex
Julius Ajidahuan 20/05/1935 Nigeria 11/06/2009 Ilford Essex

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