Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 17

Place of birth: 12

Place of death: 4

Place of marriage: 1

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
John Cook 23/01/1941 Middlesbrough 14/04/2017 Salisbury Wiltshire
William John Evans 25/01/1914 Wales 11/02/2004 Middlesbrough
Raymond Proud 05/09/1947 Middlesbrough 11/09/2016 Middlesbrough North Yorkshire
Herbert Allan Cail 07/05/1935 Middlesbrough 27/05/2014 Lymington Hampshire
Robert William Hood 11/07/1948 Middlesbrough 27/06/2014 Northallerton North Yorkshire
Christopher Hastings 16/09/1940 Middlesbrough 12/09/2010 Middlesbrough North Yorkshire
Robert Andrews 11/11/1934 Middlesbrough 30/07/1990 Camden London NW1
Helen Lee 08/03/1908 Ireland 02/06/1989 Yeovil Somerset Middlesbrough
Francis Joseph Stewart 03/01/1917 Middlesbrough 16/03/1988 Oxford Oxfordshire
John Richard Graham 08/07/1935 Middlesbrough 22/07/2014 Epsom Surrey
George Dickenson 27/01/1910 Middlesbrough 24/09/1986 Islington London N19
Alan Vinter 14/04/1941 Middlesbrough 14/09/1993 Middlesbrough Cleveland
Robert Simpson 28/12/2003 Middlesbrough
Bruno Raslanas 19/08/1920 Russia 20/12/1999 Middlesbrough
Peter Paul Docherty 01/07/1925 County Mayo Ireland 17/01/2011 Middlesbrough
Bella Cohen 14/04/1908 Middlesbrough 10/12/2002 Middlesborough Cleveland
Bessie Bryce 19/09/1916 Middlesbrough 31/12/2010 Abergele Conwy

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