Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 15

Place of birth: 15

Place of death: 0

Place of marriage: 0

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Maria Teresa Da Visitacao 18/10/1942 Portugal 27/08/2016 Danbury Essex
Manuel Artur Teixeira 11/01/1959 Portugal 13/12/2015 Southampton Hampshire
Gavino Godhino 26/10/1960 Portugal 12/10/2013 Leicester Leicestershire
Augusto Penedo 05/10/1933 Portugal 09/05/2012 Westminster London SW1
Inocencio Geraldo 18/04/1938 Portugal 24/08/2014 Hampstead London NW3
Clementina Sereyno 23/11/1901 Portugal 13/05/1989 Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire
Beatrice Cardine Nazareth 22/02/1923 Portugal 11/01/1989 Westminster London W2 Paddington
Elisario Dos Santos Lopes 24/05/1958 Portugal 23/07/2014 Aylesbury Buckinghamshire
Paulo Andre De Jesus 19/08/1962 Portugal 21/02/2014 Clapham London SW4
Manuel Antunes 10/03/1934 Portugal 25/03/2001 Cardiff South Glamorgan
Jose Maria Soares 31/07/1927 Portugal 13/01/2009 Croydon Surrey
Aida Silva 16/09/1929 Portugal 10/02/2007 Lewisham London SE13
Luis Belardo Nunes Silvano 31/12/1964 Portugal 13/05/2006 Horsham West Sussex
Antonio Rodrigues D'Almmeida Rodrigues 01/02/1923 Portugal 01/04/2011 Paddington London W2
Preciosa Da-Assuncao 22/10/1918 Portugal 27/12/2002 Colchester Essex

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