Rochford Essex

Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 24

Place of birth: 11

Place of death: 11

Place of marriage: 2

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Amanda Cressy 14/06/1961 Rochford Essex 17/11/2016 Southend on Sea Essex
Alan Wrigley 01/08/1935 Whitefield Manchester 01/05/2016 Rochford Essex
William Swain 25/09/1932 Rochford Essex 22/01/2016 Colchester Essex
Peter Brian Brewster 13/01/1931 Rochford Essex 09/05/2016 Benfleet Essex
Bessie Sullivan 03/07/1896 Spitalfields London 16/03/1988 Rochford Essex Leeds West Yorkshire
Walter Leslie Tracey 01/03/1912 Rochford Essex 13/11/1991 Brentwood Essex
Winifred Downing 29/10/1904 Rochford Essex 24/10/1989 Southend on Sea Essex
Lilly Lambert 14/02/1923 Rochford Essex 04/12/1989 Southend Essex
Annie Dawson 06/05/1904 England 15/04/1988 Rochford Essex
Isabella Burt 12/11/1902 London 06/07/1988 Rochford Essex
Jehovah Vachia 02/05/1922 30/01/1988 Rochford Essex
Alan Butler 18/10/1949 Rochford Essex 18/09/2014 Canvey Island Essex
Eva Dorothy Snow 29/03/1903 Wincanton Somerset 13/12/1986 Waltham Forest London E11 Rochford Essex
Lillian Gertrude Jessie Hardy 24/09/1913 Edmonton London 08/09/1987 Rochford Essex
Eric Wardley 26/04/1929 Rochford Essex 21/03/2013 Westcliff on Sea Essex
Eileen Maud Phillips 27/12/1995 Rochford Essex
Zozislaw Antoni Karpinski 10/06/1922 Poland 28/12/1993 Rochford Essex
Josephine Jenner 26/08/1938 England 03/06/2011 Rochford Essex
Margaret Audrey Harmer 30/08/1938 Rochford Essex 13/12/2001 Basildon Essex Unknown
Kathleen Margaret Curtis 01/06/1916 Argentina 16/09/1994 Westminster London W2 Rochford Essex
Maud Isabel Coleman 05/09/1899 England 21/08/2003 Rochford Essex
Hilda May Bunn Unknown 27/01/1995 Rochford Essex Unknown
Nigel Thomas Brine 27/10/1955 Rochford Essex 28/02/2010 Burham on Crouch Essex Unknown
Leslie James Allen 26/03/1929 Rochford Essex 01/09/2009 Southend-on-Sea Essex

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