Romford Essex

Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 72

Place of birth: 19

Place of death: 55

Place of marriage: 0

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
George Davey 04/06/1929 Romford Essex 08/06/2015 Clacton on Sea Essex
Adele Dunthorne 29/11/1953 United Kingdom 17/04/2017 Romford Essex
Alan Cook 01/03/1964 Devon 23/12/2016 Romford Essex
Hazel Clarke 26/07/1949 England 24/12/2016 Romford Essex
John Hambley 19/01/1950 Hainault 21/04/2017 Romford Essex
William Leonard Edmonds 09/09/1928 London 04/02/2017 Romford Essex
Peter Martin 04/07/1953 London 13/06/2016 Romford Essex
Barrie Arthur Wade 29/04/1939 Romford Essex 20/01/2017 Romford Essex
Clinton Johnson 12/11/1929 Jamaica 27/12/2015 Romford Essex
Richard Sloan 24/10/1926 Northern Ireland 18/10/2016 Romford Essex
Michael White 16/11/1957 Romford Havering 30/08/2016 Romford Essex
Ronald James Frederick Blome 09/03/1944 Romford Essex 26/09/2015 Leystonstone London E4
Angela Joan Beatwell 10/09/1949 Chelmsford Essex 20/04/2016 Romford Essex
Edward Johnson 17/04/1940 North England 01/05/2016 Romford Essex
Stuart Roy Richardson 30/08/1946 London 29/04/2016 Romford Essex
James Eric Hutchin 18/07/1953 Essex 09/02/2016 Romford Essex
Thomas Paul Smith 17/11/1951 Ilford Redbridge 05/11/2015 Romford Essex
Gladys Cole 23/04/1931 Mile End Tower Hamlets 11/01/2015 Romford Essex
Labeebah Spridgen 26/05/1925 08/05/2015 Romford Essex
Elaine Marie Smith 04/06/1950 South Ockendon Essex 15/09/2015 Romford Essex
Veronica Willing 08/08/1928 England 14/09/2014 Romford Essex
Malcolm Lemon 24/05/1925 Romford Essex 22/05/1992 Fulham London W6
Dennis Burgess 27/03/1930 England 06/06/2015 Romford Essex
William Binks 19/03/1935 Romford Essex 21/02/2015 Leytonstone London E11
Peter George Busby 23/10/1929 Stockwell London 20/03/2015 Romford Essex
John Bassett 26/11/1933 Romford Havering 27/02/2015 Romford Essex
Irma Ewa Hay 15/12/1947 Poland 13/12/2012 Romford Essex
Maud Caroline Dallimore 19/01/1903 Romford Essex 19/09/1991 Barking London IG11 Barking
Margaret Flack 07/09/1925 Bournemouth Dorset 27/02/2014 Romford Essex
Gladys Bullock 20/12/1918 England 03/07/2014 Romford Essex
Ernest John Chalkley 08/01/1925 Bethnal Green Tower Hamlets 16/09/2014 Romford Essex
Ivy Georgina Annie Dellow 22/04/1925 Barnsbury Islington 19/10/2013 Romford Essex
Percy Edward George Dyer 20/11/1921 Romford Essex 17/02/1991 Colchester Essex
Stanley Saville 02/05/1930 London 06/04/2013 Romford Essex
Rose Mary Abbott 16/07/1933 Romford Essex 05/08/2014 Camden. London NW1
Valerie Victoria Gregory 11/05/1948 Stepney Tower Hamlets 26/04/2009 Romford Essex
Henry Phelps 15/12/1910 United Kingdom 18/11/1986 Romford Essex
Frank Newman 06/04/1911 Romford Essex 18/02/1988 Colchester Essex
William Ernest Franklin 10/10/1906 Thetford Norfolk 31/05/1987 Romford Essex Hornchurch Essex
Lily Duncombe 05/06/1908 Romford Essex 23/01/1988 Norwich Norfolk
Hilda Florrie Griffith 13/09/1912 Romford Essex 26/01/1987 Romford Essex
Sidney Batey 01/08/1916 Romford Essex 17/04/1987 Waltham Forest London E11
May Peggy Clelland 17/01/1919 Romford Essex 21/09/1986 Woking Surrey
Derek Ernest Lawler 17/06/1946 Unknown 20/10/2010 Romford Essex Unknown
Leonard Collis 18/02/1927 Hoxton Hackney 20/05/2014 Romford Essex
Victor Robert Alt 25/01/1939 Romford Essex 06/02/1999 Paddington London W2
Martin James Cavanagh 03/03/1927 Poplar Tower Hamlets 24/04/2014 Romford Essex Unknown
Anthony Buckingham 11/02/1947 Soutwark London 19/09/2013 Romford Essex
Sharon Marie Young 27/04/1971 Rush Green Barking and Dagenham 02/09/2011 Romford Essex
John David Sutton 05/07/1929 Ramsgate Kent 18/11/2011 Romford Essex


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