Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 21

Place of birth: 20

Place of death: 1

Place of marriage: 0

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Martin Eric Tarr 11/07/1951 Somerset 12/01/2015 Minehead Somerset
Neville Huxtable 15/08/1946 Somerset 18/09/2015 Crewe Cheshire
Thomas Arthur Haddon 20/10/1940 Somerset 29/12/2015 Taunton Somerset
Thomas Arthur Haddon 20/10/1940 Somerset 29/12/2015 Taunton Somerset
Terence Edward Charles Loveless 01/08/1940 Somerset 26/05/2015 Yeovil Somerset
Ronald Charles Evans 18/10/1914 Somerset 11/12/1989 Talbot Green Mid Glamorgan
Elsie Mary Shorland 02/06/1900 Somerset 13/10/1992 Cambridge Cambridgeshire
John Arthur Costigan 23/11/1937 Somerset 07/09/1998 Upper Edmonton London N18
Beatrice Callow 30/09/1909 Somerset 26/08/1990 Bournemouth Dorset
Frederick George Guppy 19/01/1910 Somerset 12/03/1988 Norton Fitzwarren Somerset
Harold Thomas Whitehead Somerset 10/01/1989 Southwark London SE17
Constance Gwendoline Gentry Somerset 31/10/1987 Southwark London SE1 Herne Bay Kent
William Brixey 11/06/1899 Somerset 09/02/1987 Worthing West Sussex
Henry George Case 12/12/1903 Somerset 01/12/1984 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
Olive Orchard 22/10/2004 Somerset
Anthony Cecil Morris 26/02/1948 Somerset 08/01/2013 Taunton Somerset
Michael Jenkins 14/09/1943 Somerset 18/03/2012 Romsey Hampshire
Mary Elaine Brown 14/07/1922 Somerset 25/04/2006 Surbiton Surrey
John Bluitt 03/03/1933 Somerset 15/12/2007 Ashton-under-Lyne Lancashire
Florent Baron 18/09/1916 Somerset 13/09/2002 Bath Somerset
Dorothy Andrews 26/01/1922 Somerset 07/11/1998 Weston Super Mare Somerset

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