Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 25

Place of birth: 24

Place of death: 1

Place of marriage: 0

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Christopher Yates 25/03/1944 Staffordshire 17/02/2017 Chasetown Staffordshire
Trevor Birks 04/02/1945 Staffordshire 12/11/2014 Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire
Frances May Fern 03/11/1899 Staffordshire 09/01/1989 Stafford Staffordshire
Arthur Derrick Wright 17/07/1925 Staffordshire 17/08/1992 Hastings and Rother East Essex
Amy Kathleen Barker 02/09/1905 Staffordshire 22/12/1991 Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire
Edna Beatrice Chuter 08/04/1916 Staffordshire 05/01/1991 Stafford Staffordshire
James Birch 01/11/1927 Staffordshire 29/10/2014 Brandon Suffolk
Irene Ellenor Muriel Bradley 24/04/1932 Staffordshire 20/01/2014 Hereford Herefordshire
James Stead 27/05/1911 Staffordshire 28/04/1990 Stone Staffordshire
William Royals 06/11/1911 Staffordshire 20/04/1987 Bucknall Staffordshire
Lizzie Lewis 11/01/1900 Staffordshire 09/01/1987 Seaton Devon
Caroline Hansell 04/05/1899 Normacot Staffordshire 11/01/1985 Staffordshire
Violet Mary Grant 29/04/1892 Staffordshire 24/10/1984 Aberystwyth Dyfed
June Bird 29/05/1931 Staffordshire 21/02/1998 Erdington West Midlands
Rose Wooley 27/11/1917 Staffordshire 08/04/2007 Stafford Staffordshire Unknown
Albert Williams 18/07/1910 Staffordshire 04/06/1986 Derby Derbyshire Unknown
Raymond Watts 20/07/1943 Staffordshire 13/12/2004 Stoke on TrentStaffordshire Unknown
Philip Shadforth 10/10/1947 Staffordshire 15/06/2001 Sheffield South Yorkshire
Edward Lowe 23/04/1911 Staffordshire 12/09/2000 Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire Unknown
Brian Lawton 13/06/1943 Staffordshire 23/02/2010 Burton on Trent Staffordshire
Gladys Godfrey 21/02/1901 Staffordshire 11/03/2004 Wanstead London E11
Kenneth Edwards 03/03/1927 Staffordshire 27/02/2006 Stoke On Trent Staffordshire
Maud Doy 05/01/1904 Staffordshire 28/01/1997 Stafford Staffordshire
Albert Bithell 08/01/1936 Staffordshire 29/03/2012 Stoke on TrentStaffordshire Unknown
Michael Anderson 23/12/1951 Staffordshire 17/03/2002 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands

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