Stoke on Trent

Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 33

Place of birth: 26

Place of death: 5

Place of marriage: 3

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Irene Mary Arnold 12/04/1944 Stoke on Trent 06/06/2017 Stoke On Trent Staffordshire
Paul Phillips 09/02/1950 Stoke on Trent 31/03/2017 Stoke On Trent Staffordshire
Ann Tomkinson 02/07/1956 Stoke on Trent 28/03/2007 Stoke on Trent
Cassandra Marie Sweeting 19/10/1951 Stoke on Trent 19/07/2016 Leek Staffordshire
Kathleen Lawton 06/02/1931 Stoke on Trent 23/01/2017 Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire
Denis Garner 18/06/1945 Stoke on Trent 09/10/2016 Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire
Graham Frank Challinor 05/04/1942 Stoke on Trent 24/06/2016 Fenton Stoke-on-Trent
Joan Beatrice Bath 19/11/1916 Foleshill West Midlands 06/08/2009 Stoke on Trent
William Mullineaux 10/03/1932 Stoke on Trent 11/12/2013 Stoke On Trent Staffordshire
William Beech 09/02/1905 Chesterton Staffordshire 25/11/1992 Stoke on Trent
Nora Williams 05/09/1914 Longton Stoke on Trent 07/09/1991 Stoke On Trent Staffordshire Stoke on Trent
Raymond Cresswell 23/05/1938 Stoke on Trent 12/02/2009 Wirral Merseyside
Betty Jones 02/01/1928 Stoke on Trent 01/03/2013 Leek Staffordshire
Ada Shenton 10/10/1910 London 21/12/1989 Stoke On Trent Staffordshire Stoke on Trent
James Challinor 04/03/1932 Longton Stoke-on-Trent 20/05/2014 Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire Stoke on Trent
Mary Wright 03/03/1927 Stoke on Trent 29/07/2011 Stoke On Trent Staffordshire
Christabel Eveline Wilson 23/08/1916 Stoke on Trent 27/08/2007 Meliden Denbighshire
David Gerald Williams 23/10/1953 Stoke on Trent 03/11/2008 Stoke On Trent Staffordshire
Robert Wilding 09/02/1996 Stoke on Trent
Irene Steele 17/02/1923 Stoke on Trent 29/05/2002 Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire
Alfred Morris 27/04/1937 Stoke on Trent 24/12/2002 Stoke On Trent Staffordshire
Charles Marson 29/05/1936 Stoke on Trent 01/08/2008 Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire
Christopher John Howell 05/12/1953 Stoke on Trent 19/10/2010 Stoke On Trent Staffordshire
Edward Haswell 25/02/1924 Stoke on Trent 19/01/2002 Stoke On Trent Staffordshire
Harriet Hatton 17/10/1910 Stoke on Trent 17/01/2009 Stoke On Trent Staffordshire
Peggy Harker 08/08/1914 Stoke on Trent 29/12/1998 Stoke on TrentStaffordshire
Eileen Margery Cornwall 12/02/1930 Stoke on Trent 10/04/2012 Stoke On Trent Staffordshire
Paul Challinor 12/06/1949 Stoke on Trent 29/12/2010 Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire
Elizabeth Brocksopp 22/05/1909 Blackburn Lancashire 01/05/2001 Stoke on Trent
Agnes Mary Brain 11/02/1906 Stoke on Trent 02/05/2000 Stoke On Trent Staffordshire
George Beech 16/07/1924 Stoke on Trent 24/12/2003 Cobridge Stoke-on-Trent
Marjorie Bell 14/05/1914 Stoke on Trent 11/09/1999 Leicester Leicestershire
Peter James Ball 15/09/1942 Stoke on Trent 30/05/2001 Stoke On Trent Staffordshire Unknown

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