Torbay Devon

Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 31

Place of birth: 0

Place of death: 31

Place of marriage: 0

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Keith John Davies 21/06/1949 Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire 06/06/2016 Torbay Devon
Philip Brown 14/06/1945 Dorking Surrey 19/04/2017 Torbay Devon
Charles Barry 25/07/1922 Glasgow 19/01/2016 Torbay Devon
Kenneth Gill 18/06/1926 Castle Ward Northumberland 10/12/2004 Torbay Devon
Bruce Cottrill 16/03/1944 Great Langdale The Lakes Westmorland 09/04/2015 Torbay Devon
Alan Leslie Smith 10/05/1949 London 28/10/2015 Torbay Devon
Freda O'Dell 22/09/1906 Devon 27/12/1986 Torbay Devon
Percy Wotton 10/05/1923 02/09/1989 Torbay Devon
Alfred Abraham Chaiet 16/01/1914 25/03/1994 Torbay Devon
Anthony Morbey Taylor 24/03/1936 Ipswich Suffolk 20/09/1998 Torbay Devon
Walter Westcott 21/09/1901 England 30/07/1992 Torbay Devon
Joyce Peeke 12/03/1914 15/09/1992 Torbay Devon
Grace Goodrich 21/02/1904 Derbyshire 21/03/1992 Torbay Devon
Elsie Louisa Everson 13/01/1928 Plymouth South West Devon 03/06/1993 Torbay Devon
Edward George Tuckerman 18/06/1911 Dittisham Devon 08/11/1990 Torbay Devon
Kathleen Gertrude Blanche Seaman 03/11/1915 Devon 23/05/1991 Torbay Devon
Erwin Pieczonka 22/01/1926 Poland 02/10/1991 Torbay Devon
Norah Woolway 14/08/1909 Exeter Devon 26/04/1989 Torbay Devon
Bessie Elizabeth Loosemore 16/04/1905 Cornwall 14/03/1988 Torbay Devon
Rosemary Sage 04/08/1927 Totnes Devon 19/03/1990 Torbay Devon
Maureen James 06/08/1927 31/01/1988 Torbay Devon
Edith Backhouse 04/02/1927 Sheffield 08/06/1990 Torbay Devon
Ivy Violet May Cornish 21/01/1915 Michelmersh 14/11/1987 Torbay Devon
Bessie Hill 26/12/1922 Barrow-In-Furness 24/06/1989 Torbay Devon
Alice Constance Mary Bickford 30/07/1909 Newton Abbot Devon 27/03/1989 Torbay Devon
Peggy otherwise Margaret Tobin 24/06/1903 Dublin 05/08/1986 Torbay Devon
Augustine Joseph Shute 02/02/1897 Ireland 18/05/1987 Torbay Devon
George Stuart 26/02/1912 Leicester 04/09/1984 Torbay Devon London
George Wilfred Lawson 21/06/1899 Plymouth Devon 27/11/1984 Torbay Devon
Florence May House 02/04/1899 Wandsworth 27/11/1985 Torbay Devon
Ernest Langley 11/12/1923 18/11/2001 Torbay Devon

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