United Kingdom

Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 329

Place of birth: 329

Place of death: 0

Place of marriage: 0

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Robert Hince 13/03/1952 United Kingdom 26/05/2017 Dagenham Essex
Marion Marsh 05/07/1935 United Kingdom 20/04/2017 Romford Essex
John Leslie Smith 10/04/1942 United Kingdom 08/01/2017 Birmingham West Midlands
Kathleen Clarke 12/07/1915 United Kingdom 19/11/2001 Harrow Middlesex
Charles Thomas Gladwyn 17/07/1918 United Kingdom 21/03/2006 Hereford
Adele Dunthorne 29/11/1953 United Kingdom 17/04/2017 Romford Essex
Alan Munton 28/06/1947 United Kingdom 10/11/2016 Leeds West Yorkshire
John Davies 04/12/1935 United Kingdom 14/06/2016 Harrow Middlesex
Brian Hodgson 04/09/1940 United Kingdom 06/05/2017 Bradford West Yorkshire
Margaret Jane Owen 24/05/1943 United Kingdom 03/04/2017 Cardiff South Glamorgan
Mark Westwood 29/01/1956 United Kingdom 04/02/2016 Westminster London SW1
Dorothy Leach 20/12/1919 United Kingdom 15/09/2015 Bradford West Yorkshire
Mary Bolton 12/07/1941 United Kingdom 01/04/2017 Bradford West Yorkshire
Alan Earney 14/01/1948 United Kingdom 16/04/2015 Slough Berkshire
John Philip Long 08/01/1948 United Kingdom 02/12/2014 Bradford West Yorkshire
Steffan Cartledge 27/06/1956 United Kingdom 17/02/2017 Leeds West Yorkshire
Michael John Sutcliffe 25/01/1954 United Kingdom 21/04/2016 Bradford West Yorkshire
Anthony Michael Gorman 27/05/1944 United Kingdom 29/09/2016 Leeds West Yorkshire
Gillian Corbin 20/10/1938 United Kingdom 04/12/2016 Portsmouth Hampshire
Michael Baxter Dyson 29/10/1949 United Kingdom 07/02/2017 Harrogate North Yorkshire
Kenneth Inness 05/07/1938 United Kingdom 08/01/2017 Oxford Oxfordshire
Elizabeth Johnson 27/10/1921 United Kingdom 08/11/2014 Bradford West Yorkshire
Esther Blanche Mundlak 19/05/1924 United Kingdom 21/02/2017 St John's Wood London NW8
Kenneth O'Leary 04/01/1934 United Kingdom 16/11/2016 Bradford West Yorkshire
Michael Brunton 05/11/1952 United Kingdom 08/03/2017 Harrogate North Yorkshire
Jack Long 24/08/1939 United Kingdom 08/01/2014 Bradford West Yorkshire
John Murphy 21/09/1941 United Kingdom 20/06/2016 Westminster London W2
Ruth Bernadette Birchall 15/12/1939 United Kingdom 26/10/2016 Bradford Yorkshire
Derek John Barlow 05/07/1934 United Kingdom 02/09/2016 Coventry Warwickshire
Doreen Ramsden 17/03/1938 United Kingdom 05/01/2017 Bradford West Yorkshire
Joan Marion Ince 27/02/1951 United Kingdom 03/04/2006 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
Olive Phillips 10/09/1926 United Kingdom 25/09/2012 Islington London N19
David Robinson 03/12/1935 United Kingdom 20/12/2012 Luton Bedfordshire
Brenda Taylor 19/03/1936 United Kingdom 12/03/2013 Sandwell West Midlands
Geoffrey Rawson 09/03/1934 United Kingdom 10/11/2016 Bradford West Yorkshire
Gladys Love 25/08/1929 United Kingdom 08/12/2016 Norwich Norfolk
Jessie McMahon 30/03/1934 United Kingdom 03/10/2015 Bradford West Yorkshire
Sheila May Newman 07/05/1930 United Kingdom 08/06/2014 Westminster London NW8
David Jack White 19/11/1923 United Kingdom 23/10/2016 Swindon Wiltshire
William Howells 04/12/1932 United Kingdom 17/01/2016 Penarth Cardiff
Peter Edward Martin 03/07/1941 United Kingdom 13/04/2016 Bradford West Yorkshire
John Thomas Embrey 05/09/1942 United Kingdom 13/01/2016 West Bromwich West Midlands
John Brian Roberts 03/03/1936 United Kingdom 29/11/2015 Newport Gwent
Shaun Edward Bond 19/08/1968 United Kingdom 18/01/2016 Leicester Leicestershire
Evelyn Schmidt 26/09/1933 United Kingdom 13/09/2016 Barnet Hertfordshire
Tom Fretwell 26/06/1934 United Kingdom 02/04/2014 Derby Derbyshire
Peter Colin Russell 10/06/1935 United Kingdom 18/10/2016 Gloucester Gloucestershire
Aidan Earle Bulwer 11/10/1955 United Kingdom 09/09/2014 Croydon Surrey
Kenneth Rogers 30/10/1948 United Kingdom 01/01/2016 Walsall West Midlands
David Ernest Robinson 15/10/1930 United Kingdom 16/09/2015 Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire


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