Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 1,526

Place of birth: 470

Place of death: 55

Place of marriage: 1, 497

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Mogli Dewa 19/04/1945 Unknown 26/03/2016 Westminster London W2
Frederick Smyth 29/11/1929 Unknown 23/05/2014 Abbey Wood London SE2
Albert Cutland 13/04/1900 Unknown 19/01/1992 Southampton Hamptonshire
Verena Webber 30/05/1899 Unknown 03/10/1985 Plymouth Devon
Mavis Rice 11/07/1928 Burnley Lancashire 10/06/2014 Derby Derbyshire Unknown
Geoffrey Scott 02/05/1941 Leeds West Yorkshire 19/08/2013 Watford Hertfordshire Unknown
Anthony Leonard Selwood 17/03/1949 Hertfordshire 08/09/2012 Barnet Hertfordshire Unknown
Frederick Edward Smith 05/08/1927 London 29/08/2005 Camberwell London SE5 Unknown
Frank Watts 13/12/1928 Willesden Brent 30/06/2014 Uxbridge Middlesex Unknown
Eric Pickett 21/10/1931 Unknown 16/04/2014 Paddington London W2 Unknown
Robert Marshall Shearer 19/05/1959 Glasgow 30/07/2014 Weston-super-Mare North Somerset Unknown
Derek George Villis 08/04/1948 Bridgwater Somerset 01/01/2014 Taunton Somerset Unknown
Peter Walder 29/07/1925 Brighton and Hove 06/11/2013 Norwich Norfolk Unknown
John Leyland Arnold 04/02/1924 Everton Liverpool 17/12/1986 Kent Unknown
James McNab Bradie 25/01/1946 Scotland 07/07/2014 Camberley Surrey Unknown
Geoffrey John Earle 27/10/1945 Shipston Warwickshire 17/05/2014 Nuneaton Warwickshire Unknown
John Alan Warner 02/03/1945 Unknown 12/02/2014 Leicester Leicestershire Unknown
Janet Clare Seadon 30/08/1935 London 09/04/2013 Colchester Essex Unknown
Robert Edward Wallace 27/03/1937 Unknown 29/05/2014 York North Yorkshire Unknown
Mario Simone 13/09/1957 Johannesberg South Africa 15/08/2013 Highams Park Waltham Forest Unknown
Xenia Maksiejewski 27/10/1927 Poland 29/05/2008 Fulham London W6 Unknown
Anthony Ronald George Barnes 15/04/1932 Unknown 07/06/2012 Guildford Surrey Unknown
Frederick Pickles 17/10/1926 Bradford 11/02/2012 Bradford West Yorkshire Unknown
Foster Rose 25/11/1934 Yorkshire 24/08/2013 Cricklewood London NW2 Unknown
Raymond Leslie Wood 26/02/1916 Bridgwater Somerset 16/01/2014 Taunton Somerset Unknown
Dennis Cockes 08/11/1929 Unknown 05/05/2014 Barnet Hertfordshire Unknown
Derek Blunt 18/06/1940 Epsom Surrey 06/06/2014 Epsom Surrey Unknown
Albert Edward Baseley Unknown 10/12/1984 Hammsersmith London Unknown
James Ross 08/05/1917 Gorbles Glasgow 18/10/2013 Bexhill East Sussex Unknown
William Patrick George Roulstone 03/04/1943 United Kingdom 14/02/2014 Derby Derbyshire Unknown
Keith Ward 19/12/1931 Unknown 08/05/2014 Brighton East Sussex Unknown
Abdel Kerim Watson 24/07/1949 Cairo Egypt 25/05/2014 FarringdonExeter Unknown
Selina Adelaide Burdett 17/12/1903 India 23/07/1988 Kingston upon Thames Unknown
John Gould 29/08/1947 United Kingdom 25/11/2013 Bradford West Yorkshire Unknown
Janice Pauline Harris 13/04/1943 Luton 16/07/2014 Berkhamsted Hertfordshire Unknown
Diana Hutchence 26/06/1948 Rowney Green Worcestershire 13/07/2014 Harefield Middlesex Unknown
James Alan McNeil 29/08/1937 Westminster 11/06/2014 Warminster Wiltshire Unknown
Lillian Rouch 21/06/1933 Colchester Essex 25/02/2013 Halstead Essex Unknown
David George Routledge 30/01/1946 Unknown 20/05/2014 Peterlee County Durham Unknown
Bernard Sidney Sherlock 23/11/1926 Birmingham 22/07/2014 Birmingham West Midlands Unknown
Simo Vukashin 18/04/1924 Yogoslavia 05/02/2012 Maidstone Kent Unknown
Graham Michael Finney 01/07/1939 Birmingham 17/03/2014 Boston Lincolnshire Unknown
Norman Boyle 14/03/1936 Belfast 03/04/2014 Kendal Cumbria Unknown
Jean Moseley 28/06/1935 Bristol 15/11/2013 Frenchay Bristol Unknown
Mabel Ruby Palmer 29/03/1930 Oulton Suffolk 10/07/2014 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk Unknown
Leonard Robinson 10/04/1926 Sunderland Tyne and Wear 16/06/2014 Sunderland Tyne & Wear Unknown
Cynthia Applegate 30/07/1937 England 27/01/2013 Lambeth London SW16 Unknown
John Hewitt 17/03/1937 England 11/11/2013 Leytonstone London E11 Unknown
Wilfred George Moughton 12/05/1925 United Kingdom 20/05/2014 Lambeth London SW4 Unknown
Gordon Harry Harding 23/08/1928 Battersea London 17/02/2014 Muswell Hill London N10 Unknown


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