Windsor Berkshire

Total (Birth, Death, Marriage): 16

Place of birth: 6

Place of death: 10

Place of marriage: 0

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Forename Surname Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death Place of marriage
Maureen Wilson 15/12/1933 England 04/02/2016 Windsor Berkshire
Phyllis May Avery 15/12/1929 Windsor Berkshire 11/02/2015 Wrecclehsam Surrey
John McCann 09/08/1940 Windsor Berkshire 03/12/2007 Southampton
Robert Brendon Hill 02/09/1941 Windsor Berkshire 07/07/2014 Torquay Devon
Emily O'Shea 26/01/1914 Windsor Berkshire 03/01/1994 Plaistow
James Frederick Bennett 31/07/1915 Windsor Berkshire 23/02/1992 Ascot Berkshire
Peter James Farrell 30/07/1929 Dublin Republic of Ireland 11/05/1993 Windsor Berkshire
Ernest Eve 03/12/1912 13/10/1989 Windsor Berkshire
Leonard Jackson 21/04/1912 Islington 20/10/1990 Windsor Berkshire
Alfred Thomas Faulkner 20/10/1919 Greenwich London 05/03/1988 Windsor Berkshire Maidenhead Berkshire
Charles Edward Collins 03/08/1904 Slough Berkshire 14/11/1988 Windsor Berkshire
Reginald Spicer 25/07/1903 12/03/1986 Windsor Berkshire
Rose Hutchins 01/05/1915 22/11/1985 Windsor Berkshire
Jean Kathleen Ann Broadway 02/12/1937 Windsor Berkshire 05/06/2006 Reading Berkshire
William Alfred Bott 06/08/1936 England 29/10/2008 Windsor Berkshire
Cecil Julius Barber 07/01/1897 13/06/1992 Windsor Berkshire

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